Although you probably don't need to be further convinced that Canada is the best country in the world, this list will definitely give you another reason to believe it.

As it turns out, there are a lot of different snack foods available in Canada that Americans just can't get south of the border.

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Raise your hand if you're one of the many Ontarians looking to save money on groceries. Now raise your other hand if you happen to frequent big grocery stores like Loblaws or Farm Boy on the regular. Both hands up? We figured.

While lots of people turn to budget-friendly stores like No Frills and Food Basics to save money, others still prefer shopping at massive chains that are typically believed to have fresher produce and nicer vibes. But regardless of where you shop, you still probably want to save money while you're at it — because who doesn't?

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If you live in Ontario, you're likely all too familiar with the weekly struggle of rifling through flyers and chasing sales in pursuit of an affordable grocery bill. So naturally, many residents turn to budget-friendly stores like No Frills and Food Basics to try and save money.

But how much are we really saving? Narcity decided to compare the two supermarkets to find out which one offers a better deal.

We put together a grocery list of everyday items that are likely to make their way into many a fridge and pantry each week. And to ensure our comparison was as accurate as possible, we only chose products of the same weight or quantity and the shopping was done on the same day (Thursday, April 20). In each case, we opted for the cheapest product available.

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BTS just dropped a bomb on their fans.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook got together for their annual BTS Festa dinner this week, where they announced that they will go on hiatus for the next little bit.

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The South Korean megastars of BTS put on a huge performance and captured plenty of social media attention at the Grammys on Sunday, but fans were not happy to see it end with the band going home empty-handed.

The band's legion of fans, dubbed the BTS army, were calling the show the "Scammys" on social media on Monday after a second straight year without an award for the group.

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