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Nothing says "pure chaos" like walking up to a newlywed couple's pristine wedding cake and cutting a slice for yourself — before they even get a chance to taste it.

TikTok user mediocrehailey sparked a major outcry on the app recently, after posting a video of herself cutting the first slice of her friend's wedding cake before the bride and groom could even get their moment with it.

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A man in disguise hurled a cake at the Mona Lisa, leaving the world's most famous painting covered in cream at the Louvre.

The incident happened in Paris on Sunday, in what officials say was some sort of climate protest.

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A brief scroll on Instagram and you'll likely come across people living their best lives with free gifts and food. Well, you too can live like an influencer this summer and get free treats from local makers just by posting about them on social media.

After their Pick-Me-Ups event in Toronto last fall was a total hit, MilkUP is touring Ontario with a new post-to-pay market.

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Who wants to eat some cake?

If you watched TLC in the 2000s, you probably watched episodes of Cake Boss on repeat. The show featured a family-owned New Jersey bakery whipping up massive cakes and impossible orders.

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Whether you've made it through another work week, aced an exam, or managed to cook every meal at home this week, it's important to remember to take a moment to savour the little things.

The good news is, whenever you feel like life has picked up speed and you need to find time to focus on yourself, there are plenty of simple things you can do to hit "do not disturb" on life and take a much-needed breather.

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