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Canada has a ton of cities and people love to compare them to each other. What one has, another will almost certainly lack. But one Redditor decided to ask Calgarians what they dislike about Calgary and people really went in.

In the Reddit post, a user asked why people dislike Calgary compared to other larger Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

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Calgary has been found to be the healthiest city in Canada, with the city's huge number of sunlight hours playing a role in its status, according to a new study.

Cities and countries around the world were ranked by, according to "seven fundamental factors" including obesity levels, life expectancy, pollution levels, health care, safety, crime rates and sunlight hours.

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Every city has that one neighbourhood, that's known for that one really weird thing, that nobody will either let go. No matter if it's because it's super suburban, full of hipsters, or scary as shit, there's always a reason to remember it. Because Calgary is so big, we have a lot of neighbourhoods like that.

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