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Following a call with the prime minister over the weekend, premiers from across the country are responding to Doug Ford’s calls for COVID-19 resource support in Ontario.

According to Global News, the Ontario premier called for vaccines to be rerouted from Atlantic Canada, as the province continues to deal with rapidly rising cases of COVID-19.

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With ergonomic office chairs, standing desks and coffee machines to get through that video call fatigue, many people are starting to hit their stride working from home.

But while we may finally be starting to thrive in this new environment, efforts toward creating a comfortable home office can only go so far.

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If you've got a smize that Tyra Banks would be proud of, this Toronto casting call could pay you through the roof.

A contact lens company is offering up to $12,000 for women of colour between 20 and 30 years old with "big beautiful eyes" to appear in their ad.

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We're just over two months into 2021 but we might have a contender for the worst 911 call of the year.

In what might be the most obvious PSA ever, Ontario police took to Twitter today to remind the public that complaints about your Xbox probably shouldn't involve emergency services.

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Thousands of Canadians have unfortunately fallen victim to online scammers, with more than $10 million lost to fraud this year alone.  

As the number of victims increases in the country — there were 3,313 victims Canada-wide as of January 31, 2021 — so do the warnings from authorities and credit agencies.

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