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Anytime weird foam starts erupting from the streets in a movie, you know it's about to go down.

Weirdly enough, that is precisely the predicament, albeit a less dramatic version, facing the city of Cambridge on Friday after a mysterious white foam began erupting from the intersection of Fountain Street and King Street.

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A new survey from CENTURY 21 Canada revealed the most expensive areas in Ontario when looking at property price per square foot and (surprise, surprise) downtown Toronto topped the list.

According to their findings, downtown Toronto condos cost $956 per square foot. Trailing in at second (and nearly $350 behind) were detached homes in Vaughan at $612 per square foot. Markham and Hamilton were next with $557 and $532 for detached homes respectively, and Cambridge duplexes rounded out the top five at $527 per square foot.

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If you're looking to buy an Ontario home, it's no surprise that you can get more bang for your buck if you move out of the city

For the same price as a small Toronto condo, you can get a massive home elsewhere. 

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Le magasinage des Fêtes arrive à grands pas et tu devras réserver ta plage horaire dans plusieurs centres commerciaux du Québec, si tu souhaites y faire tes emplettes de Noël.

C’est ce qu’a annoncé la firme Ivanhoé Cambridge, qui a sous son aile, entre autres, le Centre Eaton, la Place Montréal Trust et Laurier Québec.

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Believe it or not, winter is lingering just around the corner. And that means it’s time to start thinking about all the charming Ontario small towns you’ll visit when the snow hits. 

Whether you’re looking to support local businesses and score some unique holiday gifts, or simply want to take a scenic winter walk, these towns have you covered.

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