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Check your cameras, Canada! A Liberal MP was left feeling “embarrassed” after he accidentally showed up to a virtual House of Commons conference totally naked.

MP William Amos, who represents the Quebec riding of Pontiac, shocked his fellow members of Parliament on Wednesday when he appeared on screen wearing no clothes at all.

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With work meetings, date nights, and family get-togethers happening virtually, getting ready is no longer as simple as putting on a nice outfit and heading out the door.

Narcity spoke to Toronto-based esthetician Rose Morriello of Elle Esthetics Ltd., who provided some makeup tips and background pointers that'll actually make you want to turn on your camera during your next Zoom call.

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In a world where most things are instant (and Instagrammable), there's a certain nostalgia in exploring timeless hobbies that make us slow down and enjoy the process (pun intended).

Film effects are a desired aesthetic on social media these days, so why not get the look organically through your actual camera? With more time to explore hobbies and get back to the simple things, it's no surprise that many are turning to analog photography as an exciting adventure and escape from today's busy world.

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When it comes to holiday shopping, looking for presents for family is simple: socks, sweaters, chocolate. Thinking about holiday gift ideas for our friends, on the other hand, feels a little more complicated.

It seems like it should be easy. After all, they're the ones you rely on, confide in, and know better than anyone else. But our friends, our chosen family, seem to always be the ones that leave us endlessly scrolling to find the just-right thing.

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En entrevue en direct de Rouge FM avec Marie-Lyne Joncas le jeudi 3 décembre, Carl revient sur sa colère à Occupation Double et le temps d'écran accordé à son couple.

Ces deux choses lui avaient été reprochées par le public, alors que les fans n'ont pas apprécié lorsqu'il avait bloqué une caméra alors qu'Andréanne pleurait. 

Lors d'un épisode après la finale, on a pu voir les finalistes regarder la saison et Carl avait dit trouver qu'on voyait peu son couple, ce que les auditeurs ont critiqué.

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