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It feels like forever since classes started: summer was too damn short and Christmas break is too damn far away. The lectures, tutorials, and practicals just stretch the time out even more, making every second in Con Hall or the Chem Eng building feel like years of purgatory. So without further ado, here's 20 signs that you've probably been at UofT for far too long.

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Whether it’s coming back from summer or winter break, a Ryerson student’s semester generally follows the same path: an emotional journey that you can’t believe you voluntarily signed up for. The worst part is, soon as you think it’s done, it starts all over again.

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As Torontonians we tend to think of our city as the nucleus of Canada, heck maybe even the world. We think highly of the city, of its people and of its academia and rightfully so- we. smart. humans. yaaay.

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