canadian wildlife

The Vancouver Park Board met on Monday night and voted in favour of a proposed bylaw amendment, implementing a hefty fine of $500 for feeding urban wildlife.

After a sharp increase in coyote attacks these past months, leading to the temporary closure of Stanley Park, the community has been urged to resist feeding animals (no matter how cute) to reduce food left in parks.

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Going outside right now isn't just bad because of the extreme heat — late summer is also peak wasp season, according to Reuters.

The good news is that there are ways to get rid of wasps and stop those pointy menaces from spoiling your barbecues, picnics and patio dinners, and none of them involve flailing around an electric bug zapper.

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Back in 2019, my boyfriend and I decided to pack our bags and move to Canada. After growing up in the U.K., then living in Australia for a number of years, we were ready to test out a colder climate.

Although we were prepared for snow and hoping (naively) for any sort of bear encounter, we arrived ready to be surprised — and we were.

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