It's no secret that we LOVE Uber. 

The one problem with Uber is that once that surcharge goes up, you could be in for a pretty hefty fare.

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Tomorrow morning's commute may have been salvaged in the form of a cape-wearing Toronto radio DJ, otherwise known as the #HOVHero.

We already told you about how you could pay $55 for two young men to hitch a ride in your car so that you can make use of the new 3-person minimum carpool lanes, but now you can save that money and buy yourself something pretty. Popular Toronto radio station, 99.9 Virgin Radio's, morning show, Tucker In The Morning will be sending out fellow on-air personality, Dames Nellas and a friend, to hop in your car with you.

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It hasn't even been a week since the new HOV lanes have been put into motion for Toronto's upcoming Pan Am Games, but the city is already over it. Enter Michael Burton and Kris Chaput, two young men from Georgetown, Ont. who are offering to sit in your car so you can hit that three person minimum to use the empty lanes.

They posted an ad on Kijiji on Monday in which they offered to sit in people's cars during rush hour so that drivers can use the temporary lanes that will be in effect from July 10 to 26. Drivers who use the HOV lanes without the minimum requirement of passengers could be slapped with a $110 fine.

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