Following a recent outbreak, one Toronto school teacher has been fined after it was discovered that they were not wearing proper PPE. 

On October 23, inspectors were sent to St. Charles Catholic School to investigate the matter. 

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An Ontario Catholic high school yearbook has been recalled after racist messages were inserted under a Black student's photo. 

St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering, Ontario has released an apology after a student's graduation text was replaced with racist allusions to Harambe the gorilla. 

A Facebook post from Mayma Raphael, the student's aunt, reports that the message originally said, "RIP Grandma. Thank you for guiding me through my four years of high school." 

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On Wednesday, October 7, a recording surfaced online of Calgary Catholic School District staff using the slur in front of students. This is the second recording in a week that reveals CCSD employees using the word. In an email sent to Narcity, BLM YYC said the two incidents show that most people know saying the slur is wrong, but do not care about the impact it has.

"Using that word from a place of privilege is hate speech," said BLM YYC.

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Students will be staying home this week as a Toronto Catholic school closed after a travelling staff member tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Toronto Catholic District School Board tweeted that St. Charles Catholic School will be closed from October 5 to October 9 "out of an abundance of caution."*

The staff member who tested positive also works at four other schools, according to the COVID-19 dashboard.

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Even more schools are now reporting cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa. On Tuesday, September 15, an additional six local schools confirmed that at least one student had the illness.

This comes just one week after another five schools in Ottawa reported cases of COVID-19, shortly after many students returned to class.

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