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Catholic Schools are in abundance in Calgary. Of course, not everyone who went to them was Catholic or even remotely holy - but they were there. It was a little bit of a struggle, however, because it often seemed that our rules were a little more uptight than the public schools, but we stuck it out since we all possessed the virtue of "perseverance".

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Contrary to popular belief, not all Catholic schools are holy. In reality, Catholic schools are just the same as any other school; other than the fact that they have mandatory religion classes.

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Even in this day and age, some people still hold the outdated belief that Catholic school students just sit around and pray all day. Some people even think that Catholic schools in Toronto are still run by authoritarian nuns who march around with their iconic wooden rulers. But the reality is that if you take away the uniforms, the morning prayers during announcements and the obligatory religion classes, Catholic high schools are just like any other high schools.

In fact, Catholic school students are actually less saintly than they're made out to be. They're exposed to the same type of experiences that 'regular' students are (Think less Sister Act II and more Saved!) Nevertheless, there are still certain things that are exclusively unique to Catholic school students. If you went (or go) to a Catholic high school in Toronto, you'll definitely be familiar with these 25 experiences:

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