Le cannabis, une des solutions contre la COVID-19? Une étude de l’Université de Waterloo, publiée le 12 janvier, démontre que le CBD — une des composantes du cannabis — pourrait aider le corps à se défendre contre le virus de la COVID-19 .

Les chercheur.euses ont noté des effets protecteurs de doses thérapeutiques de cette substance sur la réponse immunitaire des cellules contre les agents pathogènes comme la COVID-19.

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Nowadays, CBD-infused food and drink can be found in more and more places. The trick, however, is knowing exactly where said places are at so you can experience what very few people get to. There's a San Antonio-based pop up that has CBD -infused tortillas, and you haven't lived until you've tried one!

Catch The Wave's CBD-infused tortillas can be found at numerous locations in San Antonio, it's knowing when they'll be there that's important. On Monday, October 14 from 5 to 9 p.m. you can stop by Sangria on the Burg for their restaurant takeover to try some tasty tacos, with a twist. CBD is probably the one thing that could make tacos better, and that's saying something because they're pretty perfect already.

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