celebrities in austin texas

Celebrities have a record of visiting Texas for all sorts of different reasons like conventions, product promotions, and comedy shows. Beyond their business interests in the state, many also took the time to enjoy Texas' local gastronomic destinations.

From some of our favorite Marvel superheroes getting a true Lone Star State-style Tex-Mex meal to a Grammy award-winner making a surprise visit to a Dallas-area high school, here's what some of the stars were up to during their recent Texas stop-ins.

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Actor Mark Wahlberg visited an east Austin gym, earlier this week, to get in a workout session with its attendees.

The two-time Oscar-nominee stopped by F45 South Shore Austin, a Texas location of the community-focused training studio that he holds a stake in. On Tuesday, he shared that he had the "best workout ever".

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There's no denying in recent years Austin, TX has become one of the top entertainment hubs of the country that tourists and celebrities have been flocking to.

It's also become a popular spot for celebs to pick up their California roots and plant them down in the state capital.

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