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We all know that Canadians in general are getting massively ripped off when it comes to the cost of our phone and data plans. In most countries around the world, citizens and travellers alike pay three times less for phone plans that offer three times more in coverage and data. 

However, Reddit user tayyab23 shared a chart showing just how much Canadians in SOME provinces are getting overcharged in comparison to others. The chart below shows the cost of the same phone plan (a smartphone, canada-wide calling, and 10GB of data) and the different price tags associated with it depending on where you live. 

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At this stage in the game, we've all pretty much accepted that our smartphones are our lives.

It's crazy to think that in the matter of almost a decade, we've gone from blinging out our RAZR flip phones to literally not being able to leave the house without our smartphones somewhere on us. 

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Bon ça y est, le premier évènement pour Pokémon Go a eu lieu à Montréal. Mon feed Facebook est envahie littéralement depuis quelques jours pis je dois dire que j'crois que ce n'est qu'une question de temps avant que je télécharge l'app à mon tour.

Puisque environ toutes les personnes qui sont nées dans les années 1990 ont vu un de leur vieux rêve se réaliser cette semaine avec l'app, on ressent le hype dans toute la ville. Ou même, dans toute la province!

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Cell Phone plans are just like The CN Tower 360 restaurant, the menu options look decent at best, with a guaranteed side order of exploding your wallet. Most Torontonians at some point have experienced surprise charges on their bill. Thanks to The Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC) Wireless Code of Conduct, customers have fewer limitations now.

This is something anyone with a phone needs to know right now. But first, here’s a perfect montage video of big telecom talking heads arguing that surprise charges are okay and Canadians prefer paying more.

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