Can defending champions really still be considered underdogs? The Raptors' odds of winning tonight would certainly suggest as much. Toronto currently sits at a 2.5-point disadvantage to win over the Boston Celtics according to the NBA sportsbooks.

Tonight, September 11, marks game seven against the Celtics and things aren't looking good for the Raptors. 

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Nick Nurse is standing by his actions during Wednesday night's nail-biting game after a Celtics player called out the Toronto Raptors coaching staff.

In a video shared by a Forbes Sports reporter, Nurse can be seen standing close to the action on the sideline during the last quarter of Game 6.

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Way to make a whole country proud! After the Toronto Raptors won Game 6 against the Celtics last night, some of Canada’s most prominent figures have been voicing their support for the 6ix team. This includes the prime minister, who got super involved in the Raptors buzz on Wednesday night.

On September 9, the Toronto Raptors faced off against the Boston Celtics for the sixth time.

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