COVID-19 stopped us from shopping as much as we wanted in 2020, but luckily there are lots of stores opening in Ontario this year, too.

Some of the world's biggest chains are coming to the province, and they're bringing glasses, candles, and hot chicken sandwiches with them. 

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Cheap stuff is always a bonus especially when it's coffee! With Tims Rewards, you can get $1 coffee every day for a week and all you have to do is register for the loyalty program. You have to do that before October 28 or you can't get the deal.

Tim Hortons must really want people to get on their loyalty program because the coffee chain is offering Canadians a special deal if they register for it.

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Getting food is about to get a whole lot easier. McDonald's delivery will soon be available on DoorDash in so many places across Canada including 33 new communities. This means even more Canadians can order a Big Mac and get it sent right to their door.

You can already order from the fast-food chain through Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes in many parts of the country but that's not available everywhere.

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