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Do you want to live in a real-life masterpiece? There are tons of Phoenix homes for sale, but there are none like this. You can get the best sunset views right from the living room. 

If you've never watched the sun go down in your pajamas, then prepare for the ultimate slumber party where sunsets will literally light up the room.  

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If you've seen FRIENDS before, you can probably agree it's the greatest show ever made. No show will ever be as comforting or feel as at home than this one does. You truly feel like this group of six is your group of friends, and all of their jokes are your inside jokes. Even though their lives truly made no sense, and there is no way any of them could afford to live in New York City with their job titles, you still know which character you would be as well as all of your friends (if you got Ross or Monica... sorry).

It's fun to think of how different the dynamic would be if FRIENDS was filmed anywhere else. It just works so well in New York City, but it's also unrealistic. Los Angeles? Joey probably would have been more famous, Ross definitely wouldn't have fit in at all and Phoebe would have been full on vegan and a PETA advocate. But think about if this group of six lived in Ottawa and how different their lives would be. Actually, don't think about it. Just let me explain how it would have gone down.

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The only thing that everyone in the universe can 100% agree on is the fact that Friends was the best damn thing to ever happen to this planet. Life lost it's meaning and I've been in a constant state of disarray since 2004.

Whether you're heading back to university for another semester or just starting out this fall, knowing which Friends character your school is will no doubt be the most wildly important thing you'll learn all year.

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Étant une pas-pire-bonne adepte de Netflix, j'vous dirais que j'aime ben écouter en rafale des séries. J'adore découvrir de nouvelles séries et j'ai d'ailleurs une looooongue liste de séries qu'on m'a suggéré et que je ne me décide jamais à commencer.

Autant que j'aime découvrir de nouvelles séries que j'aime (encore plus) rester à mes anciennes. Mon coup de cœur numéro un de tous les temps est assurément la série FRIENDS. J'me lasse pas d'écouter n'importe quel épisode de n'importe quelle saison. Si vous ne l'avez pas encore écouté, je ne sais pas ce que vous attendez.

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January 1st was a momentous day in 2015 for many people, and it wasn’t because it was the first day of the New Year. Rather, it was significant because all 10 seasons of the iconic show Friends were officially made available to stream on Netflix in Canada and the US. Since then, North Americans had complete, unrestricted access to the hit TV sitcom in a gloriously commercial-free setting.

As with all enslaving devotions to television shows, it’s all fun and games until you finish the last episode and you’re left with a void in your soul that is just yearning to be filled. For Friends fanatics, there exists a possible solution to this plight; one that has been tenaciously endorsed ever since the show’s ending 11 years ago – a Friends movie.

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