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La métropole est un endroit de choix pour ceux qui sont à la recherche d'un nouvel emploi. Peu importe le domaine dans lequel tu évolues, plusieurs boulots avec des salaires intéressants sont à combler à Montréal actuellement. 

Ces derniers demandent différents parcours et pourraient en intéresser plusieurs. En voici sept qui paient 80 000 $ ou plus par année.

La sélection de l'éditeur : Santé Canada met en garde contre 2 marques du Québec qui vendent des désinfectants à mains

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If you're like many Canadians these days, you might be working from home and spending much more time online. Maybe you're connected to a number of different devices to get work done, shop, bank, socialize, or check out online content.

Since the pandemic hit, we've become more dependent on the internet. A study commissioned by TELUS Online Security found that 77% of Canadians are online more now than they were pre-pandemic.

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Next time you're about to charge your phone bedside, you might want to think again. 

One Ontario Fire Department is warning of the dangers of sleeping with your phone by posting terrifying photos of the consequences. 

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Sitting in the middle of The Sunshine State lies a paranormal oddity that is begging to be explored. Cassadaga is a magnet for all things spiritual, creepy, and cool. This season, Cassadaga will have a haunted house that will transform the local museum into a spookfest just in time for Halloween.

The museum sits in the heart of the town and makes for a unique getaway to experience one of Florida's spookiest spots.

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