L'une des émissions qui a marqué de nombreux jeunes adultes au Québec est sans doute La Boîte à lunch.

Avec sa chanson thème qui te reste dans la tête pendant des jours et ses lunchs à rendre jaloux tous les autres qui n'avaient qu'un sandwich de pain blanc au similipoulet qui colle au palais, c'est devenu un classique de ton enfance

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Just when you thought the year couldn’t get any worse, the 2020 Rockefeller Christmas tree has officially been erected in New York City. 

The huge Norway spruce, which is arguably the most famous festive tree in the world, is usually extra-large, super-full and sparkling with Christmassy cheer.

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You don't need to move out of the country to transport yourself to Europe. A beautiful Ontario cottage for sale is surrounded by channels of water that will whisk you away to Venice. 

34 Willow Crescent, located in Brechin, Ontario, is a five-bedroom and four-bathroom home that sit perfectly on the edge of Lake Simcoe.

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