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It seems that one boy in Quebec would stop at nothing to visit his dad this week. 

According to 98.5 FM Montreal, the boy ended up stealing a vehicle before driving it south down Route 105, resulting in a Quebec police chase.  

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A guy somehow pulled off filling up his gas tank while being pursued by Los Angeles police in a high-speed police chase late Tuesday afternoon.

This fuel-up came after he had stopped at a different gas station during the same police chase. 

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Ontarians can be pretty weird people, but this is a little crazy, even for us. On Wednesday, in Milverton Ontario, three men were charged after leading police on chase, via horse and buggy. The police said they "spotted a one horse black open buggy with three people inside going faster than “normal buggy speed” and swerving.  The officers gave chase and the buggy driver sped up, eventually tipping the buggy and its contents onto the road."

No one was hurt. The driver was charged with reckless driving (obviously) and the two passengers were charged with alcohol related offences. It's unclear whether these men are from the mennonite community, a possibility since they live in rural southern Ontario, or just enjoy the simplicity of riding a horse and buggy.

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