Breathing in the air in one Canadian city is equivalent to smoking one to two cigarettes a week, according to a two-year air quality study.

The study was done in Hamilton and found that there were higher-than-expected levels of a cancer-causing compound in the air.

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The Kardashian family always finds a way to have all eyes on them, and this time Kim Kardashian is taking the spotlight with a bizarre ad for Beyond Meat.

The reality TV star recently posted a video ad of herself promoting some Beyond Meat products, and the internet quickly noticed that there was something off about the video.

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The Ontario and Quebec-based grocery chain Metro has been ranked as one of North America's worst major retailers when it comes to keeping toxic chemicals out of their products and packaging.

According to the 2021 Retailer Report Card, Metro got 0/164 points — dead last on a list of 50 major chains — for policy, safety and transparency when it comes to toxic chemicals.

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