It's Canada's chip. Maybe it's the red and white vibe or the fact that we love everything potato related, but whatever the reason, ketchup chips are one of those iconic flavours that you can only find in the True North.

A lot of companies have made their take on this classic Canadian chip, and I tried three of them to see which ones nailed it .

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Do you know who has a big, fat, super expensive mansion? Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon.

According to new data from BC Assessment, Chip Wilson's gigantic mansion on Point Gray Road in Vancouver is officially the most expensive home in B.C.

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Doritos is turning to TikTok to help spread the word on a newly reimagined retro snack that millennials will remember and Gen Z will love.

The famed chip company is now going to be offering a modern version of the '90s three-dimensional chip, "Doritos 3Ds," in stores across the country, but they are now looking to TikTok to help spread the word.

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