It's nearly Cupid's time to shine. As the first Valentine's Day in lockdown for most of Canada, 2021's day of love might not be enjoyed the way it typically is, whether you're happily single, in an "it's complicated" situation, secure in a relationship or married.

If you're unsure how to celebrate — or spend the day, if you aren't really celebrating at all — it may be time to grab a fine French wine, like Félix & Lucie, and embrace a little passion. Regardless of your relationship status, there are tons of fun activities you can do. 

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Pumpkin spice season is coming to a close and you know what that means. Soon we’ll be sipping hot chocolates in the snow.

And lucky for us, the Toronto hot chocolate scene is a truly delicious one to dive into.

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When Santa Season comes around a sprinkle of enchantment comes with it, singing to our ever romantic hearts. If you're looking for magical date ideas for the 2019 Holiday season, look no further than this list.

From sweet shops & locks of love to trolly's, trains, & large light displays, you'll find a little bit of everything on this list. Without further ado, grab your boo and make it a magical night to remember.

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