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chris broussard

Chris Broussard, a Fox Sports Analyst, made a messy statement about Toronto on a segment of FS1's First Things First, and another NBA player has come to the city's defence.

Former NBA player and current ESPN Sports Analyst Richard Jefferson clapped back at Broussard's claims that Toronto felt "different" for African American players compared to the U.S. after questioning if Toronto could keep Black superstars.

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Fox Sports analyst and commentator Chris Broussard has gotten himself into some hot water after questioning whether or not the Toronto Raptors can keep Black "superstar" NBA players.

On a July 4 segment of FS1's First Things First, while discussing the Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant possibly moving to the Raptors, Broussard had a lot to say about the city, claiming that he doesn't think Durant will want to go to Toronto.

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