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christmas lights in edmonton

Every city has its own beloved holiday traditions. The ones that manage to bring back feelings of nostalgia—successfully getting everyone into the holiday spirit. And for many of us in Edmonton, that holiday tradition comes in the form of Candy Cane Lane.

Candy Cane Lane is everything you want Christmas to be, from the enchanting light displays and decorations, to its true representation of the “season of giving”--as the entire event is run on a volunteer basis, asking its visitors to bring donations for the Edmonton Food Bank.

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With all the markets and holiday events going on in the city, the spirit of the season is captured really well in YEG. And if there’s one thing that Edmontonians love in particular, it’s being surrounded by beautiful, twinkling Christmas lights (there’s just something about it that makes us all happy inside).

So, to hone in on this specific symbol of the holiday season, we have compiled a list that includes some of the amazing places in Edmonton to enjoy Christmas lights this year.

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It’s that time of year again, YEG! It’s the season where you develop a love/hate (and in some cases, only hate) relationship with Christmas carols, where pumpkin spice lattes are swapped out for eggnog, where everyone goes heavily into debt buying presents for their loved ones (sounds, lovely right?).

So to help you navigate through the large amount of activities in the city, I’ve chosen a few events/markets that I think would really help get you into the holiday spirit! There’s certainly no shortage of fun things to do with your friends during this time of year.

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