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Après trois longs mois passés dans le manoir, c'est ce dimanche 11 avril que sera couronné le vainqueur de Big Brother Célébrités.

Jeu social, « comp beast » ou manipulations, toutes les stratégies sont bonnes pour se rendre en finale. Il ne faut toutefois pas oublier que ce sont les exclus qui voteront pour le grand gagnant.

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While many people might be on the fence about how beneficial it is to stay home, you can't deny that it's actually had a lot of positive outcomes for us. We're staying safe by maintaining social distancing, saving money on gas, and cutting down pollution and emissions. Additionally, this time has allowed us to spend more time with our loved ones, or reconnect with what matters to us most. It has been a great reset in the midst of madness.

But even with all of these productive turnarounds, there are potential consequences to spending all this time indoors.

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It's not hard to meet a vegan or vegetarian in Victoria. In fact, spotting a meat eater is more of a unicorn moment than meeting a non-meat eater on the island.

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If you're anything like me, you think yoga and lifestyle go together like peanut butter and jam. Anyone I've ever met either teaches it, has a pass for it, or has tried it at least once. Yeah, yeah, laugh it up I know I'm from Vancouver but admit it, even those of you reading this in Nova Scotia have probably Down Dogged once in your life.

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Vegans, vegetarians and health freaks of Vancouver get ready, because one of Vancouver's newest hipster cafes just opened in Railtown.

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