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When it comes to cruises, most expect to pay a pretty penny; however, you can sometimes find one that doesn't break the bank — and we have this Florida Cruise Groupon deal to thank for that!

Not everyone wants to cruise around the islands, some people just want a romantic night for 2 on the water to cherish each other & watch the sunset.

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You know what the say, bigger is better — and that's especially true in the world of food. From local flavor to exotic tastes, we want to sample it all; we can later this month. You may want to wear your stretchiest pants for the world's largest food truck rally.

Generation Entertainment's food truck rally holds the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Food Truck Parade, and they're finally returning to The Bay for the 1st time in 5 years, looking to break their original record of 121 vehicles with over 200 food trucks. We're gonna have to come hungry for this one.

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You can't always see what swims beneath the ocean's surface, especially deep down in the salty depths. However, we can see some of what lurks below thanks to marine life research, and multiple massive sharks are near Florida right now, surrounding the sunshine coastlines.

The sharks we can see are tagged by Ocearch; they focus on the conservation of marine life through research & outreach efforts, learning more about behaviors through tracking. These 4 sharks swimming around the Sunshine State have taken many journeys that Ocearch has documented & observed over the years.

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