There could be bad news ahead if you were hoping to buy a property next year. Canada’s house prices are expected to climb even further in 2021 and house and condo costs could surge.

Royal LePage, a Canadian real estate brokerage, predicts that property costs could rise by 5.5% next year, causing house and condo prices to increase even more than they did this year.

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When you think of Florida's natural terrain, the word "mountain" doesn't normally come to mind. The Sunshine State is generally flat, but it does have hilly expanses and even some sky-high sights. One Florida state park even has a secret mountain that'll give you incredible views.

The "mountain" is part of Jonathan Dickinson State Park just up the road from South Florida's urban sprawl. As a central feature of the park, it draws in visitors to make the ascent to the summit.

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As cases of COVID-19 continue to climb in the city, Mayor Jim Watson is calling for a crackdown. He wants to lower Ottawa’s indoor gathering limit to 10 people and is calling for the outdoor limit to be reduced to just 20. “We're not fooling around,” he said.

As Ottawa’s number of COVID-19 cases continues to spike, the mayor is proposing a new set of rules that he hopes will flatten the curve.

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