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With daylight saving time in Canada for 2021 happening soon, people in most parts of the country will lose an hour of sleep when the clocks change.

The time change is meant to make better use of natural daylight by having the clocks go forward in the spring and then go back in the fall.

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Remember how B.C. Daylight Saving was going to become a year-round thing? Meaning you never need to turn your clocks back again? Well, it turns out that adjustment won't be a 2020 thing. 

There are a few reasons why the new legislation won't be moving forward this year, one of which being the pandemic and another being our neighbours to the south. 

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While changing your clock twice a year has become normal for Ontarians, it hasn't always been a thing. 

In fact, Ontario's daylight saving time was first introduced over 100 years ago in the small city of Port Arthur. 

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How do you feel about springing forward and falling back? Daylight saving time in Canada is a pretty hot button issue and a bunch of provinces and territories are considering getting rid of the twice-annual time changes. That would mean sticking to one time for the entire year.

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You might not have to change your clocks back and forth for much longer.

A bill tabled on October 7, 2020, by Ottawa West—Nepean MPP Jeremy Roberts could end Ontario's daylight saving for good.

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