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It's the holiday season, and along with snow and celebrations come holiday hours.

Christmas is just around the corner, and while you may be positive you've bought enough stuffing or checked off everyone on your gift list, here's what will be opened and closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in case you need to pop out for any last-minute supplies.

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Toronto has been waiting for a BiWay comeback with bated breath, but unfortunately, an in-person store may no longer be possible.

On the first anniversary of co-founder Mal Coven's death, BiWay announced on Instagram that the "opening of the BiWay $10 Store has been postponed and potentially cancelled."

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Turkey day is almost here and that means you may want to pick up your groceries and hit the bank before Monday.

The Thanksgiving holiday is this Monday, October 11, and here's everything that will be closed and open.

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These Toronto restaurants that closed within the last month will certainly be missed.

While some spots are saying goodbye forever, others hope to find a new way to bring their delicious dishes back to the city in the future. 

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As of Monday, the province has moved new regions into Ontario's grey zone. 

The move comes as Ontario activates its "emergency brake" in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

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