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For the coffee lovers of Ottawa, you can be rest assured that the options of cute cafés and coffee shops are practically endless. From cat cafés to Instagram worthy shops, Ottawa's got it all.

Whether it's the snacks or the coffee itself that keeping you going back, there are so many low key coffee shops that are just waiting to be discovered. So, for those of you looking to soothe your caffeine addiction and looking to discover some new coffee shops, here's a list of 16 bucket list coffee shops in Ottawa that you need to try out ASAP.

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Yes, it is definitely fun to grab a latte and enjoy some conversation with friends at cool coffee shops. But, what is even better is when you can document that on social media due to the cool aesthetic and vibes of the place (I mean that's what we live for right?)

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Finals are long, stressful and at times frustrating. Especially when it's a course you've been dragging yourself to all semester. You've finally completed all your assignments, made it through group work without screaming and whizzed past your midterms. Now the moment everyone is waiting for — finals. The time of the semester that's both liberating and nerve racking.

That's why it's so crucial to find a little study nest that's cozy but not too cozy. Somewhere that you won't be distracted by crazy roommates, or an influx of annoying humans. The perfect little spot to help you along the long process of studying or as some like to say cramming. We've listed nine spots to help you find that perfectly productive study space.

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Ah, coffee. The sweet, sweet, nectar of life. A true Vancouverite would never be spotted with a coffee that isn't either local, sustainable, organic, or often times all three.

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Versus Coffee is the newest addition to the oh-so-popular coffee scene in Toronto. The petite shop is located in the Financial District, at the corner of Church and Adelaide with Anthony Ayachi, being man in charge.The modern decor, floor to ceiling windows and mirrors enlarge the space and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Fresh coffee is supplied by de Mello Palheta Roasters, the ultimate bean experts in Toronto. They also have amazing tea provided by Sloane, a local tea shop. Some of the teas include green jasmine, mint and a speciality velvety black tea, Sloane's Heavenly Cream. Versus also serves spectacular in house made chai lattes.

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