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cold tea

It's Friday! You are probably planning your night with your friends, by saying that you'll just go out for one drink at a chill place to then go home early and watch How To Get Away With Murder. Are you that naive?

This is what's actually going to happen:

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Living in a city as incredible as Toronto definitely has its perks.  From the countless number of trendy restaurants, cultural events and music festivals and even a pretty good lineup of nightlife options -- there is something to do every night of the week! (And if you don't agree with this, maybe you just aren't checking out the right spots...)

But of course, Torontonians can all agree to disagree on what bars or clubs they prefer.  Maybe your into cheering on the Jays or your favourite sports team and then partying all night at the Dog and Bear.  Or you prefer sipping on specialty cocktails in a tucked-away hideaway like Cold Tea.  Or maybe you are more into getting 'lost' and rubbing shoulders with some of Toronto's elite at Lost and Found.

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Photo cred - Barchef

Going out to bars in Toronto is a legitimate pastime. And depending whether or not you're a priest or a cocktail queen, there's a bar for you and you and you. Oh, and you too.

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