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This whimsical glowing carousel in New York City is full of colorful spinning sea life that you can take a ride on.

The SeaGlass Carousel in the Battery Park is housed inside an illuminated glass pavilion that is meant to look like a conch shell.

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Getting out of your city for a few hours, or maybe even the whole freakin' weekend, is sometimes needed to clear your mind after a long week. The hardest part is usually picking where you want to go. To make your life a little easier, here's a list of 15 spontaneous day trips near Savannah that are less than three hours away.

The last thing you probably want to do when the weekend comes around is travel in the car for hours on end. These spots are all under three hours away from the Hostess of the South, some even around that long for a round trip. 

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Unicorns are real, and if you don't believe me, check your nearest Starbucks. Fantasy's becoming reality  when this new, sweet colourful drink enters Starbucks stores early this week across Canada.

The unicorn frap is expected to hit Starbucks stores on Wed. April 19, according to Starbucks. However, there's a catch. The drink will be only available for a limited time until Sunday, April 23, while supplies last.

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