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Greater Vancouver’s municipalities are painstakingly slow to approve industrial developments, for which there’s great demand and low availability, causing rental rates to surge and forcing e-commerce companies to recover costs from consumers who buy products online.

“It is incredibly hard to get new product onto the market. We’re seeing a lot of barriers to entry municipally and provincially,” said Josh Gaglardi, Principal of Orion Construction.

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A Toronto casting call is looking for real people to appear in an upcoming commercial about breaking down barriers in the workplace.

According to Groundglass casting, the project is seeking out anyone 18 years or older who has faced and overcome barriers to employment due to their race, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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Are you a fan of Italy, Belgium and eating cookies? Do you already have some acting experience under your belt? If so, this Toronto casting call may be the perfect summer gig for you.

Mann Casting is accepting self-tape submissions for three roles for their new commercial labelled "Project Cookie" until 4 p.m. on Friday, July 16.

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Many creative people are fuelled by coffee, and Tim Hortons is taking advantage of that fact for a new commercial.

The coffee chain is looking for artists, writers, musicians and other creatives of all ages in the GTA area for one day of filming that could pay upwards of $2,000.

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If you think you're the biggest hockey fan in the GTA, Tim Hortons wants you to prove it.

Tim's is offering up to $2,750 for a single day's work in a new commercial that will feature fans of a few specific hockey teams.

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