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Like any city around the world, Ottawa is home to many myths that need a bit of busting. I can't be the only person that watched the show Mythbusters in some random science class in middle school and I honestly loved it. Call me what you want the show had some pretty funny moments and at the end I'd always feel like I could do some Mythbusting myself. It looks like today is the day I transform into the great Mythbusters I once watched.

There's always that one person in your squad that tends to think they know everything. Whether it's about Ottawa's history, how shoe laces are made, or even something as crazy as how they built pyramids (I bet someone reading this is like "I know how they were built" and if you just thought that, you're that person).

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With tennis' biggest event, Wimbledon, going strong this week in England, who else but Drake to be there and take in some of the action. Drake has been in Britain during the past few weeks, representing the 6 the best he can, as always.

Last week Drake was shooting free-kicks with Chelsea goalkeeper Didier Drogba, and now this week he was seen taking in a tennis match or two at Wimbledon's Centre Court. If he isn't bringing out British-rapper Skepta during his set at the Wireless Festival in London, he is eating a bowl of strawberries and cream at Wimbledon.

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Photo cred - The Province

Toronto is, without a doubt, a great city to live for music lovers of all genres. When there are very limited canadian dates on a tour you can usually count on our city being among the selective list so let us not take that for granted friends!

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