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If you're looking for the kind of job that might be described as "out of this world," then one of the currently available Canadian Space Agency careers might be right for you. The CSA is looking for someone to be a communications officer. You won't be going into space, but you'd be playing an essential role.

This would be the kind of ground-level job that keeps people interested in the possibilities of exploring space. Not only would you be a part of something noble and scientific, but you'd also get some pretty great benefits and a desirable salary. 

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C'est officiel, le service Uber quittera le Québec à partir du 14 octobre 2017.

La rumeur veut qu'Uber quitte le Québec ce matin, alors que Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, directeur général d'Uber au Québec, a convoqué les médias à 11h aujourd'hui,  dans le but d'annoncer l'intention de cesser ses activités dans la Belle Province.

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The struggles of every communications major starts from the very beginning. 

Growing up through school, you are fed images of doctors, lawyers, and teachers alike; which is fine if you’re into one of those three options. However, as shocking as it may be, not everyone wants to be in a cookie cutter profession (no offense to all you smarties!). Some of us don't particularly love analyzing the meaning behind 1984, memorizing policy, and we don't feel like math equations are just like a game of Sudoku.

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