J'avais fait la version masculine il y a un mois. C'était quand même trash à souhait et les gars s'étaient livrés à coeur ouvert et à braguettes baissées quant à leurs fantasmes. Il y en a même un qui a réussi à le réaliser, j'ai donc accompli ma mission et j'ai aidé mon prochain.

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A Toronto shopaholic is always struggling. Shopping in Toronto is a dilemma. Reason being, there are so many places to choose from. Where to go? What to buy? How can I shop reasonably?

The confessions of a Toronto shopaholic will acknowledge the problems shoppers have in Toronto. Here is a list of difficulties we all go through:

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Sometimes you actually have to decide between having enough to buy a Timmies bagel or paying a fare to go home. It's not fair that in the peak of our youth we have to be so broke. I mean we are actually paying tuition to be poor, we brought it upon ourselves. But a true city kid knows how to survive on less and less. Even though we say we are broke, this is how broke we actually are between school payments, coffee, transportation, food, and textbooks...

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