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This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

This Toronto TikToker has gone viral for being confident and is making a living off of her attitude.

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Could we be heading to the polls? The Government of Canada's confidence vote will be about sick leave and other support and it could decide if there will be another federal election.

Liberal House Leader Pablo Rodriguez made the announcement on Twitter.

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Let me tell you straight off the bat right now that I'm a bit of a makeup fiend. The days that I have to leave the house (which is pretty much every day), I put on a full face of makeup, like literally the full shabang.

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I have always considered people who wake up at 5 am everyday to go on a three hour workout as unicorns. As for most people, mornings are painful: all I want is to stay in my comfy bed for the rest of my life.

Still, don't ask me how it happened but I've developed a sort of addiction to working out in the morning. It's been four months now since I've been waking up every single day at 6am to go to the gym.

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J'ai des amies assez trash. Ça me stress aucunement, ça fait plus d'histoires absolument débiles à se raconter autour d'une (ou de plusieurs) petites bouteilles de vino. J'ai une de mes amies qui a été escorte pendant un petit bout pis elle nous racontait souvent ces histoires les plus fuckées une fois pompette.

On la jugeait pas, mais on jugeait un peu ses clients qui avaient des demandes disons..spéciales. Avec son approbation, j'ai recueilli les situations qui m'ont confirmé que y'a des affaires qui ont pas de criss d'allure. J'te recommande d'arrêter ta lecture ici si tu as le coeur sensible, ou ben si t'es ma mère.

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