Not only is it a new year, but we've just made it through what has arguably been one of the most difficult years yet. Maybe you've changed jobs or work circumstances, or perhaps you've been out of employment for some time.

Whatever situation you find yourself in as 2021 kicks off, it could very well involve a desire to switch careers, find a new challenge, or change your life in some way. And that could involve going back to school, which can be pretty exciting!

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Heading into 2021, many Canadians have made it their New Year's resolution to take a step forward in their education and career growth. But, nowadays, it can be hard to figure out where to start.

Well, QS has organized a series of virtual MBA events designed to help those who have resolved to get ahead in both aspects of life. 

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Canadian businesses have been hit hard due to the global pandemic.

It's been such a big hit that to help boost the economy, Canada has plans to open its doors to over 1.2 million new immigrants in the next three years, according to CBC News.

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