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The Conservative Party of Canada has found itself a new leader.

On September 10, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre was voted the new leader of the party following Erin O'Toole's ousting in February.

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The 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has officially kicked off in Orlando, Florida, and it's already sparked controversy.

"Trump and His Magic Wand," a statue of former president Donald Trump created by sculptor Tommy Zegan, was rolled through the CPAC, and now some are comparing it to the Golden Calf story from the Bible.

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Conservative MP Derek Sloan received a donation from a white supremacist and his own party is now trying to kick him out because of it.

He tweeted in the evening on January 18 that he only learned about the donation from Paul Fromm, who is known for being a white supremacist and neo-nazi, that day.

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The Conservative party previously accused Justin Trudeau of election rigging and trying to limit what they can do as a party.

On January 8th, two days after a pro-Trump mob attacked the U.S. Capitol, they removed the page and redirected it to a sassy 404 message.

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Known conservative political commentator and talkative Los Angeles based podcaster Ben Shapiro tweeted a surprising political opinion last night and people lost their minds about it.

In a tweet late on election night, Shapiro wrote that it was "deeply irresponsible" for President Trump to say that he had already won the election when he had not actually done that yet.

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