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With so much going on during the holidays — shopping, family visits, decorating and all that cooking — it's easy to miss out on the fun. Besides the gifts, gatherings and delicious food, this is the best time to sit down by the fire, pop Netflix on and get some binge-watching done.

For extra glee, you can check out all the shows that you may not realize were actually filmed right here in Canada.

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Alors qu'il était pressenti comme le grand gagnant de Star Académie par le public depuis plusieurs semaines, Jacob Roberge a quitté l'académie après la demi-finale remportée par William Cloutier

Grâce à son talent et sa maîtrise sans équivioque de sa voix, il avait d'abord été sauvé par les fans dès le premier spectacle de variété, obtenant ainsi une place parmi les académiciens.

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If you live in Toronto, you've probably heard of Marcella Zoia, sometimes referred to as "Chair Girl."

The model, who gained internet fame after throwing a chair off a highrise balcony in 2019, went on to appear in a Drake music video and land modelling gigs in Florida. Now, she is using social media to make some extra cash.

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Looking for a job in social media? We've got you covered!

The Canadian Association of Science Centres is looking for two content producers to join their team and create social media content across their channels. 

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Hockey returns tonight, but fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs will soon be able to see a lot more than just the players on the ice.

Today the team announced All Or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs today, a new multi-episode docu-series that's going to follow the team through the new 2021 season and be released for viewing on Amazon Prime sometime later this year.

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