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It's been a transformative year for Canadians — one that wouldn't have been the same without some key figures.

Maclean's 2021 Power List was recently published. The magazine handpicked 50 Canadians who it says are "breaking ground, leading the debate and shaping how we think and live."

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So, apparently, Kesha got together with Demi Lovato to discuss connecting with aliens via meditation

Kesha recently had Lovato as a guest on her podcast, "Kesha with the Creepies" and the pair talked about one of Demi's favorite topics: communicating with extraterrestrials

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Canada’s prime minister has been duped! A pair of Russian comedians convinced Justin Trudeau that he was talking to Greta Thunberg on the phone — but it turns out the whole conversation was a prank.

This week, an 11-minute video was uploaded to YouTube, showing two Russian pranksters posing as 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

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Nous vivons actuellement une période particulièrement difficile, marquée par l'isolement social, l'incertitude et la solitude. Dans ces conditions, il n'est pas surprenant que la pandémie ait entraîné un bouleversement mondial en matière de santé mentale.

À la suite des nombreux chamboulements provoqués par la COVID-19, les Canadiens ressentent de plus en plus les conséquences sur leur bien-être psychique, émotionnel et cognitif ainsi que sur leur niveau de stress.

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Right now, there’s no question that we’re living in challenging times filled with social isolation, uncertainty, and loneliness. Honestly, it’s no surprise that the pandemic has led to a global shift in mental health.

With so many disruptions brought on by the pandemic, Canadians are reporting more mental health-related issues and stress month over month. A *Movember study released in May 2020 showed nearly half (40%) of Canadian men say no one has asked them how they are coping during lockdown. It’s safe to say that this year is proving challenging for even the most resilient among us.

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