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Christmas is over already? Whaaaaat? The madness of the holidays is over and we're finally approaching the new year. Hooray! But... You still have no idea what the hell you're doing for New Year's Eve and neither do any of your friends. Cue panic mode.

Worry not, my procrastinating friends. We've prepared this list of all the best parties in the 6ix so you won't need to go scouring the internet for last minute plans and you can spend all that time prepping yourself for the new year instead.

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Uber Canada has decided to put an end to drunk driving with a straw. I know -- is this real life? Looks like Toronto has a new Superman watching over the city.

Drinking and driving is simply NOT okay. Uber takes all of the excuses off of the table. It's safe, it's fast, it's convenient -- it's a breathalyzer on the sidewalk. Your only task is to take the straw and blow into the machine. Even a drunk idiot can do it! Holy shit you're really that drunk?! Uber has decided that you definitely need a ride home for the night.

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Photo cred – bensonkua

2015 is quickly approaching and you definitely need to figure out what you're doing ASAP before everything gets sold out. Unlike your typical drunken nights, this night matters. Start off the new year with new resolutions, new friends (or old... no new friends), and great memories.

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