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For those looking for a spooky adventure or even a terrifying living situation, the perfect spot for you has just hit the market in Florida.

The Old Gilchrist County Jail in Trenton, Florida is the only "decommissioned, certifiably haunted" jail in the state, and it has been attracting visitors with its "heavy paranormal activity" since its closing in 1968.

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Los Angeles County is continuing to ease COVID-19 restrictions as more citizens receive the vaccine.

Starting sometime between Monday, March 15, and Wednesday, March 17, the county will allow movie theaters to reopen for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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The ultimate road trip awaits if you are always dreaming about your next meal. There are so many self-guided Ontario food trails where you sample the most mouthwatering bites in the province.

The only question you need to ask now is: What do you want to eat?

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Elon Musk made the move to the Lone Star State in late 2020, putting him closer to current projects in the works at SpaceX and Tesla.

Now he is looking to officially incorporate the small town of Boca Chica Village, where SpaceX is currently test-launching rockets, and give it a more fitting name.

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The sports world is holding its breath after Tiger Woods got into a serious car crash.

According to a police statement, Woods was involved in a one-car rollover in Los Angeles County this morning, and first responders had to go to extreme lengths to rescue the legendary golfer.

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