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Bev Herscovitch, a 33-year-old freelancer, and health care and disability advocate, says she was kicked out of an Uber after asking the driver to wear a mask or roll down the car's windows.

The Uber was picking up Herscovitch from a midtown Toronto hospital on June 13, around 3:00 p.m., as she was heading home from a pre-op appointment for a surgery she's scheduled to have next month.

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Ontario is set to lift most mask mandates on March 21, including school mask requirements, but some students aren't ready to let go.

Ontario Students For COVID Safety, a student-run organization, has planned a school walkout across Ontario on March 21 at 11 a.m. to protest the lifting restrictions.

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Ontario government workers will no longer need to provide proof of vaccination or undergo regular testing to go to work as of April 4.

Richard Mullin, spokesperson for the president of the Treasury Board, told Narcity in an emailed statement that the requirement to provide proof of vaccination or undergo regular COVID-19 testing will be lifted for Ontario government workers, except in high-risk congregate settings.

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New COVID-19 restrictions for the province involve heightened Ontario police powers, but eight forces have said they won't be doing random stops. 

Several police forces have commented on the new enforcement measures and addressed how they will be responding to them. 

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