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The Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher is the subject of yet another week of brutal comments after missing even more field goals during the Sunday night NFC division game loss against the San Francisco 49ers. He set a record last week when the placekicker missed four extra-point opportunities in a row.

Fans, coaches, and players were hoping it wouldn't carry on, but Maher's struggles continued yesterday when his extra point attempt was blocked in the first half, prompting another wave of hilarious social media reactions that even included Texas' own governor.

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Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher is getting completely roasted by his own fans after he missed four straight extra point opportunities during the Monday night game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it will go down in history.

The Texas team still won the NFC wildcard game, outscoring the Bucs 31-14, but that win didn't go without a few mishaps on Maher's behalf, which even had star quarterback Dak Prescott a little heated.

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