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Beer and doughnuts together they sound like the ultimate guilty pleasure. A celebration, a carb-lovers delight, and a pairing that everyone deserves to enjoy. What’s life without a little indulgence, anyway? The folks at Orlandough understand that you need to let loose and enjoy the yummy things in life without guilt now and then, and that’s why the teamed up with Orlando Brewing to host delicious doughnut and beer pairings on Wednesdays.

Now, however, they’re turning their sights to more private events and will be hosting their final doughnut and beer pairing next week. Oh, what cruel humanity!

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Kelowna, British Colombia is a magical place on earth. And not just because it's filled with acres of wineries. Although, they are definitely a plus.

It's the beautiful, ruggedly natural setting; the incredibly gorgeous views; the passion you can pretty much feel in the air. Not only that but there are tons of fun things to do in this beautiful BC destination! It's everything combined that makes Kelowna pretty much the most romantic place to take your SO to. 

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Chances are, your version of a perfect summer day probably includes a stopover at your absolute favourite restaurant, maybe sipping on some ice cold beer, noshing on some good food, and most likely chilling on a patio. 

And chilling on a patio at your favourite restaurant is guaranteed to make you feel like you're on vacation, even if it's 6:00 PM on a Monday and you've got to get up for work the next day. Which is fine... to be honest, it's important to live these little summer moments to the fullest. Definitely with your loved ones, too (AKA your boyfriend, girlfriend, and/or friends). 

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