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Flight data suggests the China Eastern plane crash that killed 132 people in March was caused by an "intentional" act in the cockpit.

U.S. officials say they've taken a first pass at data from the crashed flight's black box, and it suggests that the controls were deliberately adjusted to put the flight into a steep dive before the crash, reported the Wall Street Journal.

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While everybody has strokes of good luck, this Ontario driver must have been stuffing their pockets with four-leaf clovers.

A driver survived "without a scratch" after a tree fell onto their moving vehicle in Norfolk County, according to a tweet from OPP West Region.

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If you're doing something illegal, you can always make the officer's life a little easier by calling the police on yourself.

A 24-year-old Ontario driver called the cops on himself after driving his car into a ditch on the Highway 403 ramp to Eglinton while drunk.

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An Ontario resident had one too many drinks this week and ended up crashing their car into a brick wall.

OPP West Region reported in a tweet on Wednesday that an impaired 22- year-old from Brantford crashed into "a commercial building on Rest Acres Road" on Monday night.

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A vehicle driving down the wrong side of the QEW highway led to a serious accident on Sunday morning, according to OPP.

In a tweet, police reveal that the car crash, which involved two vehicles, left the "QEW Fort Erie bound at Northshore Blvd closed."

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