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If you're an Austin native, then surely you've heard of Scholz Garten by now. This iconic Austin Biergarten serves endless types of cuisine including, of course, hot and juicy seafood. Naturally, the restaurant is bringing us a way to consume as much crawfish and booze as we can handle later this month, and we can hardly wait!

Scholz Garten's second Annual Fat Tuesday Crawfish Boil is being held on Tuesday, February 25. That's right, this incredible event is just a few weeks away!

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As Texans, we're all dreading to see the day that the temperature starts to climb, for obvious reasons. There is one thing, however, that makes the triple-digit weather somewhat worth it, and that's seafood season. This March, a four-day crawfish festival near San Antonio is taking place with endless buttery goodness. 

The third annual Big Texas Fun Crawfish Festival begins Thursday, March 26 and goes until Sunday, March 29.

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If there's one thing Texans can't get enough of (aside from queso), it's seafood. The more of it there is, the better, which is why festivals centering around seafood are so popular in the Lone Star State, especially once the weather starts to heat back up. This spring, Austin's crawfish festival is coming back to the capital and it's bringing with it some of the best, most delicious seafood in the world!

The Austin Crawfish Festival is back on Saturday, April 4, with a lineup that will not disappoint.

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If you're from Texas then you know that being obsessed with seafood comes second nature, and there's nothing wrong with that! In fact, it's something worth celebrating, which is why Houston is hosting a crawfish festival this February, and it's going to be massive.

Texans will get the chance to eat as much seafood as they'd like while enjoying live music, the company of fellow seafood lovers, and delicious drinks to wash it all down with.

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Most will agree that loving crawfish comes naturally with being a Houstonian. This month, whether you're a Houstonian or not, your crawfish cravings can finally be satisfied by an all you can eat crawfish dayfest on Saturday, April 27th. This will be the biggest crawfish boil of the year, and something nobody will want to miss out on.

Vic and Cos will be hosting this epic 21+ crawfish event with the help of Capitol Bar, the location of the event. There is a variety of ticket options available to people who are planning to come, with the first option being totally free. There's already over 2,000 people expected to be there, so plan on socializing with fellow crawfish lovers throughout the day.

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