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Want to get some media industry experience that pays pretty well and lets you work from the comfort of your bedroom?

If you're on the hunt for a work-from-home internship, we may have just what you need!

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In a world where most things are instant (and Instagrammable), there's a certain nostalgia in exploring timeless hobbies that make us slow down and enjoy the process (pun intended).

Film effects are a desired aesthetic on social media these days, so why not get the look organically through your actual camera? With more time to explore hobbies and get back to the simple things, it's no surprise that many are turning to analog photography as an exciting adventure and escape from today's busy world.

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The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: It's time to leave 2020 behind and look for the positives in 2021.

This new year is an opportunity to take a whole new perspective on who you want to be, and while it may be tempting to just grab your 2020 goals and update them (hello diet and exercise), this year is the perfect time to try something different.

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This holiday season, it's totally acceptable to do absolutely nothing except sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine. With all of the chaos that this year has delivered, we appreciate all the more any little opportunity to take a relaxing break.

Sure, you might have spent a lot more time at home than anticipated this year, but have you really had the chance to disconnect and de-stress? 

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It's that time of year again: the time for unique costumes, creepy decorations, and celebrating all things spooky. But Halloween means more than just getting a costume and decorating. The spirit of the holiday is all about being creative and mixing things up. It's the chance to be literally anything or anyone you want and to have fun with loved ones. Talk about a reason to celebrate! 

Sure, some traditions might need tweaking this year, but that just gives you even more of a chance to explore the wonder of the season — which is where Party City comes in.

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